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We are in the process of adding new Workshops and Trainings to our current services. Please continue to check back for the latest updates.

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New Summer Workshops and Events! 

New Groups Forming Soon


Women's Wellness Workshop

A Six Week Workshop exploring challenges that we face daily:


Secondary Trauma & Compassion Fatigue, Grief & Guilt

Boundaries, Communication and Negotiation

Stress Management


Restore & Rejuvenation

Explore how external and internal factors can influence your Wellness in a safe, supportive group setting.  Utilizing group and individual Equine Activities, and Group Discussion, we will delve into the course topic areas, and develop the tools necessary to reclaim a place for yourself, and take steps toward Empowerment and Well-being.

Session Dates

New Groups Forming Soon!  

*Space Limited : 12 Max


Per Person

for 6 Week Workshop

July 6 - August 10 

in Kaufman

July 7 - 

August 11

in Eustace


CHAMPIONS for At-Risk Adolescents

A Six Week Workshop allowing the development of skill in the following areas:

 Creativity, Safety, and Respect

Habits and Peer Pressure




Impact and Openness

Negotiation and Anger Management

Self Confidence

Youth today face a great number of challenges and obstacles:

Addiction, Trauma, Abuse, Bullying, Self Harm, Criminal Behaviors, Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Expressive Communication

Often they can lose their way, and make choices that can negatively impact their lives.  Through guided activities with horses, your child can develop skills vital to problem solving, communicating, and navigating life's numerous challenges.  Participants will learn the to make improved choices and lay the foundation for better habits.

*Class Recommended for Teens 14 - 18

Kaufman workshop meets Monday mornings from 10-11:30 am beginning July 6 and continuing through August 10, 2020. 

Session Dates

Mondays 10a-11:30a

July 6     July 13     July 20     July 27     August 3     August 10


Eustace workshop meets Tuesday mornings from 10-11:30 am beginning July 7 and continuing through August 11, 2020. 

Session Dates

Tuesdays 10a-11:30a

July 7     July 14     July 21     July 28     August 4     August 11

*Space Limited for Each Location: 12 Max


Per Person

for 6 Week Workshop

Reschedule Dates Coming Soon

Men's Wellness and Self Care Retreat

A Weekend Retreat of Discovery and Self Care to offer an opportunity to explore and grow in the  following areas:



Self Awareness and Minfulness

Motivation and Drive


Impact and Openness

Negotiation and Anger Management

Recognizing Destructive Habits and Behaviors

So much is expected of Men in our current society, yet many of us were given tools that are archaic and frankly don't provide the foundation to successfully navigate an ever changing landscape.  

Men are asked to be resilient, steadfast, strong, which often results in  our being hard and unwavering; and subsequently unsuccessfully navigating life's ups and downs. Often we can become overwhelmed, leading to feelings  of frustration, anger, or hopelessness.  Learn to build your support network, develop personal tools and skills to feel more capable, and ultimately find personal success and value. 

*Class Recommended for Adult Males 21 and Over

Retreat will include meals and accommodations at our host facility, Circle J Guest Ranch. 

Retreat Dates


*Space Limited : 12 Max


Per Person

for Inclusive Weekend Retreat